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Table of contents

Crackles, Instabilities and Recruitment in the Lung
Crackle Sound During Lung Inflation
Introduction: Lung Crackles
PowerPoint Presentation
Airway Closure
Experimental Setup
Example of crackle time series
Crackle Features
Inter-crackle Intervals
Avalanches & the Active Surface
Distribution of the Inter-Crackle intervals
In Vivo Human Crackles
Conclusions (1/3)
Lung Instabilities and Recruitment
Basic Concept
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Example of the Pressure-Volume Curve in One Lung: slow inflation
Negative Elastance
Slide 21
The Algorithm of Volume Controlled Inflation
Pressure-Volume Curve of the Model
Distribution of Negative Elastances: Experiment and Model
Conclusions (2/3)
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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
Current Ventilation Strategies
“Biologic Variability” in Mechanical Ventilation
Noisy Ventilation
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Ventilation Methods
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Stochastic Resonance in Blood Oxygenation
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Experimental Methods II
Lung Physiology Results
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Conclusions (3/3)

Author: Adriano M. Alencar